Real estate companies can choose a design with houses or buildings on the edges and lines in the center, allowing customers to take notes about each property as they tour them. Personalized notepads with lines provide ample space for prioritizing work tasks or creating to-do lists. Create standardized ordering pads for quick and consistent documentation. You can use scrap paper or print some cute sheets to pad together. These are fun if you want to make your own lunchbox notes or grocery shopping lists. You’ll need some paper, glue for binding notepads and you can make as many notepads as you want.

  • VSCode has many features, and it may take some time to get used to them.
  • It is either due to the incorrect path to your Notepad++ or you did not extract the launcher to Notepad++’s folder.
  • Its latest version is 1.34 for all operating systems.

The app feels dated, especially in the shadow of Notepad++, a much more feature packed software. It is almost as if the developers of the app decided to make a text editor for programmers, then switched tracks midway towards a more word processing oriented application Notepad++ is definitely the most famous text editor after Microsoft Notepad; the latter trumps it only by virtue of the fact that it comes preinstalled on every Windows machine. Notepad++ has a user interface that is simple and familiar for beginners or novices, and yet powerful enough for advanced users to perform complicated tasks with ease. ATPad hasn’t been updated since around 2010, but it’s got a nice interface and good features.

Notepad++ is still user-friendly, but it might take some time to get used to if you’re coming from a more modern text editor like VSCode. One of the best things about VSCode is its library of plugins and extensions. You can use them to extend the functionality of the editor, making it truly unique to your needs. So whether you want to give it a green matrix hacker vibe or you are someone who loves simple coding interfaces, you will have all the control.


Download and install plug-ins and extensions for your web browser to use a variety of languages, features, debuggers, and web themes. Definitions for classes, methods, and functions are stored in Sublime Text. To find the definition you’re searching for in the dictionary, use the GoTo option. Multiple words can be searched for and replaced with a single query. It is easy to find and solve issues since the bottom panel contains the row and column numbers.

However, TextEdit can also serve as a simple text editor like Notepad in Windows. It can be used to remove formatting from copied text, work with code, or just jot down and save a quick note. I usually use Notepad in Windows as my catch-all for clear text and quick notes.

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The Maruman Mnemosyne N166 Steno Pad is a better value, though, costing 7¢ per page versus the Field Notes pad’s 12¢ per page. The Field Notes steno pad also lacks perforation, and we found its lines to be too heavy in comparison with those of the N166. The dot grid is very light—you have to really look for it to see it. Basically, the experience feels like writing in a blank notebook. This notebook has high-quality paper and accessories that you can arrange and rearrange for the ultimate in versatility. This compact notebook has excellent paper and is very well made—it’s handy to have in your jacket pocket or go bag to take notes at any moment.

QuickEditor is a free, small and light-weight text editor. It runs in background so you can take your notes easily. It has a tabbed system and you can open multiple tabs as you want. You can search in one or all tabs for a particular keyword.